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One of the most powerful methods of connecting your brand with potential customers is using Facebook & Instagram marketing. As a Facebook & Instagram management agency based in London we use precise strategies & targeted distribution to get results.

facebook & instagram management agency based in london

Facebook & Instagram For Your Business

We Specialise In Facebook & Instagram Advertising To Help Clients Achieve Success.

There is a huge problem in todays digital world that is killing companies growth. Most businesses are not taking advantage of the largest social media platforms.

We understand that a new marketing strategy can be worrying for a business. You will have lots of questions about how it can help your business. Thats why we offer a FREE consultation.

As a team we have over 15 years combines experience creating and managing adverts on the Facebook Ads Manager, we are always learning and staying up to date with the latest trends and updates to the platform to ensure you have an advantage over your competitors.

Why Use Us

  • Full service – we can create engaging content such as video and imagery
  • Transparent – all of clients have a direct billing relationship with Facebook & Google. (you can login and see your own numbers)
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Why a Facebook & Instagram strategy will help your business.

You will start to beat your competitors online by: Driving sales, enquiries & sign ups.

The below campaign shows an overview or a recruitment advertising campaign created and managed by us to generate leads in the form of sign-ups for people looking to take part in a sporting activity local to their homes. The below produced 175 leads at cost of £5.35 per lead – this was a huge success for our client. We used the various Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to have an edge over their competitor whom was looking for the same leads however using Pay Per Click.

recruitment company facebook ads results showing a great engagement rate

Increase Awareness

With photo, video and storie ads, there’s a huge opportunity to effectively engage with those unaware of your product or service. Be it looking to generate awareness for your business, product or service in simply to run an ‘awareness campaign’, such as the image belo, this shows results from an anti-knife crime campaign we run for an 8 week period.

facebook ads engagement agency showing a great range of engagement for a post on anti knife crime

Find New Customers

Looking to gain more customers for you brand/product or service? The Facebook & Instagram ads manager is an extremely powerful tool. The ability to be able to target exact locations, sex, age and interests allows for completely targeted and transparent results. We can also create lookalike audiences based on the current habit’s and routines of your current customers.

facebook management agencying getting new customers


Having worked with the Facebook Pixel since arriving in the Ad Manager we have extensive knowledge on how to run successful re-targeting and re-marketing campaigns. Using the Facebook Pixel we are able to track up to 180 days’ worth of customer activity. The image below shows 15 days of traffic, the line graph represents the different stages of the sales funnel as described below. An example ad that can be run with the below would be to re-target any website visitor (PageView 167.2k – note: this is not unique visitors) who have not purchased (Purchase 733) with an offer on their personal Facebook and Instagram pages encouraging them to re-visit and purchase from your website.

facebook management agency remarketing campaign using facebook pixel

Case Study

We were approached by a client who was having difficulty with their current supplier. Upon meeting and understanding their needs for the business, we designed a full brief and then began to talk about solutions going forward. We discussed the full spectrum of services as to what we recommend now and what will be recommended a few months down the line. 

The first stage was to re-build the website using Shopify which allows for internal management. Once live, we quickly began to revamp the social media both paid and organic, implementing call to actions and retargeting campaigns etc. We are currently running all aspects of digital marketing including email marketing too.

  • Clothing company owned by a TV personality / influencer
  • Targeting women only
  • Convert a higher % of website traffic
  • Protect brand traffic with various brand protection activities
  • Drive sales at a positive return on investment
  • Convert a higher % of website traffic
  • Protect brand traffic with various brand protection activities
  • Drive sales at a positive return on investment
6 month Facebook and Instagram ads:
  • Total spend of £20,615
  • Total number of sales = 4500
  • Return on advertising spend = £7.25 (we achieved an ROI of £7.25 for every £1 we spent)
  • Total revenue exclusively from the above = £180,990
  • Cost per purchase = £6.46 (1 purchase for every £6.46 spent)
2% increase in conversion moving over to Shopify
Average order value increase by 10% thanks to various offers and add on items
Return customer rate increased by 110% because of email marketing and retargeting ads
Website traffic increased by over 200%

Data: Facebook business manger including pixel

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