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One of the most powerful methods of connecting your brand with potential customers is using social media marketing. As an agency we use precise strategies & targeted distribution is a must.

social media marketing agency based in london

Social media has quickly become the number 1 method of spreading your brand to leads across the country, world or wherever it is you desire. Sprout Me holds an in depth briefing with clients to ensure we understand the vision of the business and replicate this across the social platforms used by the masses.

Further research is done into your niche and target market so our specialists are able to generate strategies unique to your brand. We promise integrity and confidentiality for all clients.

Social media has become as important as a company’s website because it is where leads go to find out more information about your business and to get a deeper look at what you offer.

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Below is an example of social media being utilised to its full potential through creative and capturing content resulting in high levels of engagement.

Social Management

We'll keep your social media followers updated with regularly weekly posts.

Brand Management

We'll make sure all your social media accounts show off the same brand.

Social PPC Ads

Want to gain expose for your brand? We can create social media ads to build brand awareness and get you noticed online.

Case Study

We were approached by a client who was having difficulty with their current supplier. Upon meeting and understanding their needs for the business, we designed a full brief and then began to talk about solutions going forward. We discussed the full spectrum of services as to what we recommend now and what will be recommended a few months down the line. 

The first stage was to re-build the website using Shopify which allows for internal management. Once live, we quickly began to revamp the social media both paid and organic, implementing call to actions and retargeting campaigns etc. We are currently running all aspects of digital marketing including email marketing too.

  • Clothing company owned by a TV personality / influencer
  • Targeting women only
  • Convert a higher % of website traffic
  • Protect brand traffic with various brand protection activities
  • Drive sales at a positive return on investment
  • Convert a higher % of website traffic
  • Protect brand traffic with various brand protection activities
  • Drive sales at a positive return on investment
6 month Facebook and Instagram ads:
  • Total spend of £20,615
  • Total number of sales = 4500
  • Return on advertising spend = £7.25 (we achieved an ROI of £7.25 for every £1 we spent)
  • Total revenue exclusively from the above = £180,990
  • Cost per purchase = £6.46 (1 purchase for every £6.46 spent)
2% increase in conversion moving over to Shopify
Average order value increase by 10% thanks to various offers and add on items
Return customer rate increased by 110% because of email marketing and retargeting ads
Website traffic increased by over 200%

Data: Facebook business manger including pixel

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