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We create and manage strategic PPC ads that will get your website at the top of search engines. Only pay when your advert is clicked.

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As a pay per click management company is a well-planned strategy marketers use to get your website at the top of search engines as sponsored adverts. As PPC management company we conduct extensive keyword/ phrase research specific to your industry when searching for a particular service or product.

We then create adverts based on that so when a lead searches these keywords & phrases, your advert appears. Sprout Me operates on a fully transparent basis with no hidden fees and a direct billing relationship with Facebook & Google which saves you money.

Despite PPC ads being placed at the top of search engines, it is still crucial to make the adverts useful & engaging. Pay-per-click ads allow for a high return on investment.

We are a London based PPC marketing agency that can advise you if PPC advertising is the right method for your business to grow online. Get in touch today via the contact form below.

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Case Study

Our client was previously running paid search activity via Google and Bing in house. No conversation tracking was set-up and basic housekeeping tasks such as bid optimisation and text ad optimisation had been neglected.

We implemented a full account restructure, incorporating new search, RLSA, shopping and remarketing campaigns as well as email marketing, in efforts to extend their eCommerce reach, drive further sales and lower the cost per conversion.

  • International market leading water rowing machine supplier
  • Targeting UK only
  • Acquire new customers through non-brand activity
  • Protect brand traffic various brand protection activities
  • Drive sales at a positive return on investment
  • Focused on improving brand impression share and click through rate
  • Analysed all time search terms to identify high purchase intent keywords: generic, competitor and brand
  • Applied ‘in-market’ and remarketing audiences to capture and convert high value users.
  • Implement remarketing and email campaigns
119% increase in traffic
43% decrease in cost per click
340% increase in sales
72% decrease in cost per sale
481% increase in revenue
364% increase on return on investment
997% increase on return on advertising spend

Data: Google Ads and Bing Ads – first full month of new campaign activity vs. previous month

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